Gear Review: The Ellaspede Road Glove

Hey guys, Matt here and welcome back for another blog post! This week I'd like to talk a bit about Ellaspede's Road Gloves that I've been using for several weeks. 

You may have heard of the team over at Ellaspede from their elegant motorcycle builds, extensive parts catalog and wide range of apparel. Based in sunny Brisbane, the team have forged a solid reputation for high-quality, well thought out builds and this philosophy continues to show with their Road Gloves.

I'd like to say that in my opinion, gloves are the vital link between the rider and the motorbike. What do I mean? Well, in much the same way that tires are the vital connection to the asphalt, gloves are essential in the fact that they must offer protection in the event of a fall, yet be soft enough to provide high levels of 'feel' for throttle and brake.

So with several weeks of use, what are my impressions? Firstly the construction stands out as really well made, with quality materials and no 'loose threads' on any corners. My lanky long fingers felt great and even on the usual Sunday fangs along the coast, I never experienced any numbness or soreness in my palms.

All gloves will have a break-in period, the question is how long is that period? Well, for me it was right around 5-6 days of daily use. Some great modern touches like being able to use a smart phone without having to take the gloves off is a massive bonus.

Offering great overall protection these gloves are a worthy and long-lasting investment and will suit any biker both modern and retro alike, and available in both Brown/Red and Black/Red to suit your ride. 

 -Matthew La Scala

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