Introducing Project Veronica....Part 1

Hey guys, Matt here with a long-overdue post! I'd like to introduce you to my dream bike, a 1979 Yamaha XS750. This bike was bought with the intention of being a long-term resto-mod project. As with any older bike, there's a number of areas that need attention, namely fuelling, braking and electrics.

But first, some the previous owner's credit the bike had undergone a significant and quite tidy transformation already with a custom tail-section. a fair bit of wire-tucking and stripping down, even the starter motor was removed.

However, I'm pretty picky when it comes to the finer details and after kicking her over she had a pretty high and rough idle. So I'll enlist the help of my good friend and expert Ron @ Flywheel Motorcycle Engineering to get that looked at. 

My aim for the bike is to get a little more performance out of it, and slowly refine the handling (forks) braking (pads and discs) and really take a close look at the carbs, which being a 30+ year old bike definitely require some attention.

I'll be regularly posting progress shots and blog posts on Veronica, I hope you enjoy the journey!


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