Project Veronica: Part 4 - Engine Rebuild

Hey Guys, Matt here, welcome back for another installment of Project Veronica, this week has had its share of highs and lows, and it looks like ol 'Ronnie may have finally bitten the big one and need an engine rebuild!

After we got the bike running for a short while, she hummed along for a couple of days, until she just wouldn't idle anymore. After seeing signs of blue smoke appear I dreaded the worst...piston rings. So I figured it's time to bite the bullet and start ordering parts for a full rebuild.

Here's a quick vid of her running:


 After some assessing, I'm going to attempt to scope out the build here, and if you see anything I've missed, please drop me a line in the comments! At this stage I'll look to address the '2nd Gear Fix' which is common among XS750 riders.

  • Motor Gasket Set - Yambits
  • Clutch Kit - Barnett Kevlar Kit
  • Optical Ignition Kit from C5 Ignitions
  • Stainless Steel aluminium engine bolt set - Z1 Enterprises
  • Crankshaft bearing kit - Ebay
  • Exhaust stud gasket kit - Ebay
  • Cam Chain - Z1 Enterprises
  • Primary chain - Ebay
  • Speedo & Tach - Possibly Motogadget
  • Front end off GSXR/R1 - Cognito Moto

The carburetors are already new so no need to change the intake side. However two other key areas that need focusing on is the front end (forks and brakes) and the electrical system which, at 40 years old definitely needs attention.

So far the bike has had new:

  • Regulator rectifier
  • Mikuni RS36 Carb Kit
  • Ignition coils
  • New battery
  • New spark plugs

Which thankfully can carry over onto the rebuilt engine. I've ordered the clutch kit, crank bearing kit, and the total gasket kit. Slowly over the coming weeks I hope to have enough parts to replace most/all of the engine.

 Stay tuned!

-Matthew La Scala


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