Project Veronica Part 6: The Build Begins

Hey! It's Matt here again with a big update, the Project Veronica build is officially underway with the first stage of the build, the tear-down and assessment phase. This is where we get to assess the bike and see what components are damaged and what needs replacing. It's also a good point to start thinking about any performance modifications.


With the bike apart, Ron over at Flywheels Motorcycle Engineering and I went through the motor in fine detail. Internally, there was quite a bit of damage. The pistons and rings had been heavily burnt, the clutch basket and holder bracket both heavily worn also. The bores themselves had some scoring also. The rear Hagon shocks, while a decent-quality unit, was way too stiff with all the weight removed from the bike, after some research and a good chat with a mate of mine, I decided to reach out to Gazi Suspension for a set of adjustable shocks, tailored to my weight and riding style.

Additionally, there was damage to the entire transmission gears, so the lookout for an entire new assembly begins today. However, not all was bad news, there was no rust in the frame, the valves, cams and head were in overall good condition, from here we'll send the head off to get some porting done, as well as shave the head mating surface for a nice, flat surface. Here's a shot of the engine off to be bead-blasted back to bare aluminium.


Here's an early mock-up of the headlight and brackets and the front brakes


And here's a shot of the gauges (which were a pain to find in the correct ratio!) 

 As of right now, I'm back to waiting on more parts to arrive, in the meantime if anyone knows where I can find a set of black plain bearing shells for a '77 Yamaha XS750, drop me a line! :)

Lots more to come guys, stay tuned.

-Matthew La Scala


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