Project Veronica Part 8: Rear Wheel Swap

Hey Matt here and welcome back for another installment of Project Veronica! On today's post I want to talk a bit about one of my favorite mods to the bike...the smaller rear wheel.

From factory the Yamaha XS750 standard comes fitted with an 18x4" rear however I wanted to go for more of a hot-rod style. This meant changing the rear wheel out for one from an XS850 Special. The specials came with an optional 16x5 rear wheel and with some swapping of parts...can be made to fit.

Here's how she used to look with the original rear wheel:

What's needed? well you'll need the rear 16" wheel itself, the axle and the spacers to position the wheel on the axle in relation to the brake caliper and to the centreline of the bike, you'll have to fiddle with it but it can be done. This is how the rear wheel looked like when I got it from eBay:

Also you'll need the matching rear axle and spacers:


You don't need much else, however depending on what tire you use, you might need to indent the inside of the swingarm a little to avoid any rubbing with the tire sidewall.

Here's how it looks fitted, a definite improvement!

After the test-fit, it was time to get the rear swingarm and wheels painted.

Ok! Stuff is happening! Really happy with how it's turning out, the rear end now looks meaty and has an old-school vintage racer feel. Next we'll look at the engine rebuild and see how progress is coming along, stay tuned!





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