Sailor Jerry: Origins of Originals @ Gasoline

Hey guys, Matt here. On Sunday we had a great opportunity to pop into one of our favourite garages, Gasoline, to check out the Sailor Jerry: Origins of Originals tour as they stopped by. There was a great vibe with lots of food, stunning custom bike builds, and Sailor Jerry's delicious spiced rum!

One thing we love about Gasoline is just how passionate the guys behind the scenes are, you can see they put a lot of effort in pulling off events like this. The vibe was great with The Owls belting out hit after hit to a great crowd on the back of a flat-bed truck no less! Awesome!

The Sailor Jerry tour is a travelling music, art and tattoo show and the crew definitely bought the goods with cool travelling art, tattoo parlor and music show all rolled into one. We're definitely fans. 

Here's a peek inside the really neat travelling art display:

As you can see, there was a real great vibe inside and out!

I couldn't think of a better combination on a cool Winter's afternoon than to chill out with some free pizza, be in great company and surrounded by a slew of incredible bikes, speaking of which, let's take a look at some of the stand-outs...

As we parked up, a bunch of local bikes were parked up outside, including this absolutely-jaw-droppingly-clean '75 Yamaha XS650 stopped me in my tracks,what an impeccable build:

Literally perfect form every angle..

This was another standout, the 'Angry Bird'. Photos really don't do it justice...the presence of this bike need to be seen in real life to be believed...

Look at that front/rear tire combo!

This little corner of the store had a great area with apparel and some funky artefacts, my favourite was the skateboard.

Classic metal was out in full force, I particularly like the character that the owners put into their machines, for some it's as simple as a decal or two....others go a bit further. Every bike tells a story.

As we explored further, this stunning BMW commanded the centre of attention with its striking brushed aluminium bikini fairing, a supremely clean and well-executed build.

 As we wandered around, there was a ton of stuff to take in and explore. We spotted the bar and made a beeline to get our hands on some Sailor Jerry's, the bar was in full swing!

We must've timed it just right, as soon as we got our drinks, the Owls were taking to the stage. The good times were just starting!

As we wandered around, I spotted this out-of-this-world Triumph build by Mean Machines our of Perth, WA. Wild paint? Check. Perfect execution? Check. Was I staring at it drooling? most definitely check!


Speaking of builds, I foresee more greatness coming out of Gasoline with some quality builds coming out of their in-house workshop!


Bonus pics!

In wrapping up I'd like to thank Gasoline for pulling off a sensational event with a great mix of music, good vibes, great atmosphere and awesome motorbikes. Not to mention the Sailor Jerry crew  for manning the bar and keeping the drinks flowing. This is definitely something Sydney needs more of.


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