SCR Harry's to Beach Burritos Run

Hey guys, Matt here with another little blog entry! Well, I was hoping to get Project Veronica up to a reliable-running state for this ride but dice! She was running well with the new battery and regulator installed, and after a bunch of hot-starts I thought..hey..I might be getting somewhere here!....After a short trip to the local servo I was stranded with no spark!


After some makeshift-electrical repairs thanks to the kindness of a passer-by, I was able to get her home - albeit sputtering and coughing! Not a happy girl. So I had to resort to the 'Duc. Making it down to Harry's there were a few new faces, and some regulars, with some great bikes out. Variety is the spice of life!


It was great seeing more and more riders roll in, with everything from Harley's, to an origial-condition 80's Yamaha XT400, through to some real nice custom Honda's and one of my favorites, a cafe'd KTM 690 built by my mate James, you can catch him on insta here.

I tried to play around with some of the neon lighting available and I managed to get some cool 80's vibes with this shot:

 Another great bike that caught my eye was this dark, menacing Triumph lurking in the shadows...what a fantastic looking bike! 

 I was hoping to have Veronica among these great bikes, but it wasn't meant to be on this night! But hey, it inspires me to finish her all the more quicker! 



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