SCR Harry's To Newport Arms Run

Hey guys, Matt here! I had been wanting to post about this ride for a while now, as it was a truly fun ride (and likely the longest) with the Sydney Cafe Racer crew. It was a chilly Winter's night however quite a few riders braved the cold and showed up which was great to see.

As with most SCR rides, there's great variety of bikes, from Triumphs, Harleys, Yamaha's and Honda's there's always somebody rocking their favourite marque, and that's something I'm very happy to see within the community. One bike that caught my eye was this stunning Triumph Thruxton R in Diablo Red. 

Looking over, I noticed there was one rider trying to kickstart his 80's Yamaha SR400 but it was putting up a bit of a fight, in the spirit of SCR a number of guys tried to jump-start its heart, eventually we won and the 'Yammy roared to life. Good times!

Soon enough, it was time to set off, firing up the 'Duc we made our way out of the city and headed over Harbour Bridge. Personally speaking, there's something so satisfying seeing bikes that you read about on the 'net being ridden right before your eyes, and the great camaraderie that they foster with riders, I was grinning ear to ear the whole way!

After a good ride through coastal North Sydney we arrived at the glorious Newport Arms, I'd forgotten how nice the place actually's enormous! Definitely worth coming back in the warmer months. It was great chatting bikes over some fine woodfired pizza and mulled wine, smiles all-round!

 All too soon, however it was time to head back into the night and head for home. It was great making new friends and seeing familiar faces from before, I'm real keen to make the next ride..hopefully with Veronica in good running order!


I'd like to give a special thanks to the organizers for a great and well-thought out ride, and of course to our reliable tail-gunners who make sure the pack always remains in a nice and tight formation. It's these peeps that make the rides so enjoyable!

Here's to the next one.


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