RSW: Suns & Roses - Motorcycles & Mates

The guys over at Rising Sun Workshop  were celebrating the near-completion of their project 'The Hopper' postie bike. The idea behind it is great...a stretched-out postie which has a tray on the back which is designed to hold a keg to pour beers from at events! How cool is that!!


On a sunny Sunday afternoon, the crew at RSW put on an event to celebrate, the event was a way of saying thank you to members involved in the build, meet fellow riders, and of course knock back a few beers courtesy of Young Henrys.


The guys had a couple of their shop bikes out on display, such as their 'Tracker 360CB'

There was this wicked Bultaco bobber hidden away, the paintwork was fantastic

 The vibe was real laid back, and I got to have a chat with one of the mechanics Brad who offered me an insight into the whole idea behind RSW, to create a community of bike-minded people who love to learn and wrench on their rides and I think it's a great idea. 


One thing I took away from the event was the warm, friendly nature of the RSW team, and you can bet I'll become a member soon enough. 


Overall, a big thanks to the RSW guys for putting on a great event with loads of beer, food, music, motorbikes and good vibes. We wish you guys all the best and here's to the next event!

-Matthew La Scala


Bonus pics:

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