Throttle Roll Swap Meat 2017


I'm still on a bit of a buzz from Sunday's Swap Meat event, so excuse me if I sound overly enthusiastic, it was that good! For those who haven't yet been, The Throttle Roll Swap Meat is what you get when you cross motorbikes, a garage sale, swap meet, BBQ, music and a fun family day out all rolled into one. 


There was literally thousands of parts for sale or swap, ranging from bare frames, to wheels, handlebars, tires, gear & apparel....hell I even spotted a turbo (something I've always wanted to do to a project bike...) for sale. 


I'll be honest and say this was my first Swap Meat but it'll definitely not be my last, it was great to see families attend the even, and some even bought their pets along for the experience, everyone was welcome here.


As I wandered around, there was heaps to check out, including a mini-meet out the front of the Public House in Petersham. Take a look at this Harley that simply oozed character, what a classic piece of machinery.


This sleek Bathurst replica Suzuki on Historic registration received many admiring stares, I didn't exactly know what I was looking at - but I knew it was special.


Take a look at this...I wonder if the NOS was actually hooked up, if it was then that's freakin' epic!


This Triumph was definitely living up to its scrambler theme.


It's no easy feat to organize all of this so I'd like to thank the Throttle Roll team for putting this on, and making sure everything ran smoothly, it was a definitely highlight of my weekend and it's given me some inspiration for the next round of mods on Project Veronica.

Bonus pics:

If you were at the meet, tell us what you thought in the comments below.

-Matthew La Scala 

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