Twenty/20 Motorcycle Art Exhibition @ VANDAL

When I first head of a helmet exhibition, I immediately promised to myself I'd be there. Helmets, much like each individual bike, are an expression of the rider. Some choose plain, others view theirs as an extension of their ride. The exhibition was hosted by Art Pharmacy and the crew at Vandal Gallery with the guys behind Sabotage Motorcycles for a helmet auction with a very good cause - all profits from the helmet auction go towards Movember Foundation Australia.

Featuring a myriad of local talented artists, I knew the quality was always going to be high, and I wasn't disappointed! Designs ranged from street-inspired, to indigenous, abstract and geometric, I found an appeal to each and every helmet on display.

One of my favourite helmets on display was this 'EVOL' helmet hand painted by Simon Lovelace:

Check out this sweet number by Ginger Taylor, absolutely epic work:

It was a great turnout with a bunch of bike-minded people, good times and great artwork on display, I'd like say thank you to the Vandal Team, Sabotage Motorcycles and Art Pharmacy for putting on a great event, here's to the next one.

Bonus pics:

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